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Ramon de la porta hold cyberlink

Kong : The Animated Series
Dr.Lorna Jenkins (Original Developer) ,Professor Ramon De La Porta
Communication Device, Merger Device
First Appearance
The Return part :1
Last Appearance
Kong : Return to the Jungle (Movie)

Cyberlink was a piece of technology used in Kong: The Animated Series which originally develop by Dr.Lorna Jenkins. After De La Porta got the stolen Cyberlink, he duplicated it for his own and his henchmen with some modification.

Background Edit

Originally, Cyberlink is develop from Jason grandmother, Dr.Lorna Jenkins.

When De La Porta face her to second time and asking her about the cyberlink, she state that the cyberlink able to merge someone with the other animal DNA which can make them turn into a gigantic animal humanoid monster. This is exception for Kong, in case it can make him more larger and powerful. When De La Porta being attacked by chon-dar, he use it for the first time and become a giant-humanoid smilodon. To chase him, Jason later used it to a merge with Kong which make him become stronger and battle with him. De La porta easily defeat and runaway, and Jason reversed from Kong body after that.

With Cyberlink in his hand, De La Porta able to duplicate it and given it to his henchmen.

Usage Edit

  • The cyberlink can served as a method through which two people could communicate via the internet allowing for two way conversations. This is only used by the protagonist , while De La Porta and his henchmen never use it for communicate
    Lua communicate with Dr.Jenkins

    Lua use cyberlink for communicate with Dr.Jenkins

  • The main usage of cyberlink is able to merging the human user to the animals DNA which can result a creating a gigantic fusion of the two with the link user controlling the resulting monster.
    • When people use is, sometime they will cry " Merger sequence, Attached !" for merging.
    • The Cyberlink is not only can make the human user merge to the animal DNA, but also can make the animals merge to the human user serving as a method of transportation to smaller areas where a large animal was incapable of transversing. This method used by Jason and Tann to Kong. When they release him, the will cry "Reversed merger sequence, Attached ! "
      Ramon-modified-the cyberlink

      Ramon modified the Cyberlink

    • De La porta modified his Cyberlink for make it can merge the user can fused with the animal statue, this is shown in episode 11.
    • De La Porta also modified his Cyberlink for make it can merge the user with Human DNA. This is shown when he use it with fused to Jason hair, and turned himself as Jason.
    • The cyberlink also able to make a chimeric creature if the user fused with 2 animals DNA, this is shown by De La Porta as Manticore and Two-headed version of cerberus, Omar as Griffin, Wu-chan as chinese dragon and Frazetti as Quetzalcoatl
    • The user can develop a temporary power when they as a giant-humanoid animals, depend the animals DNA that the use it
    • When Jason and Tann use it to merger , their eyes will glowing blue. While De La Porta , His henchmen and Andre use it, their eyes will glowing red. Billy eyes not glowing when he accidentally use it despite he use Omar broken cyberlink

Weakness Edit

Billy with broken cyberlink

A broken cyberlink suddenly work by itself and forcing Billy to become a monster cat

  • The cyberlink become useless and not worked in the past-timeline.
  • Cyberlink can be dangerous especially if the user use it which already broken or the people who accidentally use it without many knowledge how to control it when already become a monster. The user can temporary lose their humanity and become feral if they can't control it. This happen with Andre (but he manage to use it a second time) and a boy named Billy.

Know the Users Edit

Protagonist Edit

  • Dr. Lorna Jenkins ( the original developer )
  • Jason Jenkins
  • Lua
  • Eric "Tann" Tannenbaum IV

Antagonist Edit

  • Professor Ramon De La Porta ( he also responsible who stole it from Dr. Jenkins, and later he duplicated it and modified it for himself and his henchmen)
  • Omar
  • Tiger Lucy
  • Giggles
  • Frazzeti
  • Rajeev
  • Wu-chan

Others Edit

  • Andre ( At first time, he accidentally use it due being trapped by De La Porta. Later he able to control himself as a monster when he use Jason's Cyberlink that he stole it )
  • Billy ( He accidentally use it after he and Jessica witness Kong and Omar as a Rat Monster battle , and found Omar's broken cyberlink. When Jessica found a rare cat and calling him, Billy manage to get the cat and accidentally merge with the feral cat )

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