Chiros the Destroyer is one of the two main antagonists of Kong: The Animated Series, other being Professor Ramon De La Porta. He is a red demon with a snakelike tail.

A shaman named Shikala sought power above all else, and used forbidden powers which unleashed a darkness, transforming him into the demon known from then on as Chiros the Destroyer. Chiros sought to destroy the world with chaos, but was imprisoned inside a stone through use of the Primal Stones.

Many years later, Chiros was partially released by Harpy, though still unable to leave his temple. Chiros attempted to eliminate Kong and fully return to power, sending Harpy and Onimous after Kong.

In the end, Chiros formed an alliance with De La Porta, as he needed the life force of a corrupt human in the ritual to release him. Once Harpy sucked out De La Porta's life force and used it to free Chiros, Chiros began to bring about the apocalypse, until Kong fought him. Lua cast a spell to reimprison Chiros, which Kong spun Chiros by the tail and threw him into the portal, sealing him inside his stone once more. Kong then smashed the stone, thus putting an end to Chiros once and for all.

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