Chased by Kong is the thirty-fourth level in the King Kong game.


You will start unarmed. Follow Ann through the cave (seen in the level Hayes) and up a plank to reach the field you went through earlier in the game. There will be two different rexes trying to eat each other. Use this distraction to burn the bushes to the northeast and Kong will roar and climb up a wall in pursuit of Ann. Follow Ann and Kong will try to grab Ann as you proceed forward to end the level.


  • Spears/Bones


  • This are bushes blocking the place to where you reunited with Hayes earlier in the game. While there is fire in this level because of the water barrier you cannot burn the bushes. Leaving the area inaccessable.
  • there is a super rare glitch were if you grab a spear and poke the left dinosaur then quickly run and set fire to the bushes and run you will see the dinosaur on the left (the one you jabbed with a spear) the dinosaur' front area will turn and look up it will not react to you even when you hit with a spear
  • it is in fact possible to completely skip most of the mission (the whole fight with the rexes) by being quick and lighting the bushes on fire as the dinosaur are distracted. Once the bushes are lit the dinos will flee skipingg the fight
  • a rare glitch involves the venatasourus actually beating the juvenile vastasaurous
  • The last appearance of the saevidicus Venatosaurus.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Ann
  • Kong

Enemies Edit

  • saevidicus Venatosaurus
  • Venatosaurus

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