Not to be confused with the Piranhadon . 

Cave Serpents appear in the original 1933 film and in the 2005 video game (excluding the Gameboy version). In the cave scene of the original King Kong movie, Ann is about to be attacked by a giant cave snake, but Kong quickly fends off and kills the serpent.

Cave Serpent


Cave Serpent
Giant water serpent
Skull Island
First Appearance
King Kong (1933 film)


A long-necked animal with four flippers, a short stubby tail and a small head. Because of the four flippers, this suggests the serpents lived both on land and in the water. At 20ft, the males are much smaller than the females which can grow to over 50ft.

Game AppearanceEdit

The serpents only appear once in the game. In the level 'Fight in the lair", Kong must face off against 2 huge Cave Serpents. The serpents are very fast and slippery, making it nearly impossible for Kong to grab one. The smaller males will also attack Kong by latching onto his back en masse. If ignored, the male serpents can bring Kong down. As a serpent rushes towards you, quickly move to the side and punch it as many times as possible until it slips away. After multiple attempts, the Serpent will fall over, presenting a chance for Kong to kill it. Grabbing the serpent will cause it to try and bite down on Kong's neck, Kong will repel the attack and slam the Serpent to the ground, killing it. The serpent's corpse can now be used as a melee weapon (like the tree found in earlier levels), or it can be thrown at the other serpent.


  • The serpents only appear once in the game.
  • In the 1933 film, this serpant was seen with four noticeable legs, causing some to speculate that it wasn't a snake at all, but instead an elasmosaurus.

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