Carrion Parrots are large, brightly colored parrots who subsist almost entirely on carrion. They possess strong beaks—easily capable of tearing flesh free from a carcass, as well as highly curious natures, causing them to investigate most any corpse or kill they come across.Carrion Parrots hop from tree to tree on the fringes of the open grasslands, looking for the bodies of dead animals to feast upon. They will also eat small insects, lizards, fruits, and nuts. If attacked, a Carrion Parrot will usually flee. All Carrion Parrots have thickly feathered bodies, long wings and tails, and a head bare of feathers. The Great Carrion Parrot has a wingspan of four to five feet, the Green Carrion Parrot has a wingspan of three to four feet, while the Red Carrion Parrot has a wingspan of 26 to 30 inches.

Carrion parrots

Carrion Parrots

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