Back to the Village is the thirty-sixth level of the King Kong game.


You will start unarmed and you must burn a series of bushes to proceed. After you clear a path for you and Ann you must head down the next path towards the wall as Jack and Ann try to find a way Ann decides to climb to find a way. The natives trap Ann as Jack as Ann is again separated from Jack as Jack watches in horror.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Ann


  • Spears/Bones

Enemies Edit

  • Megapede (voice/unseen)
  • Venatosaurus (voice/unseen)
  • Terapusmordax (voice/unseen)
  • Skull Islanders (voice/unseen)


  • You may hear a few millipedes and rexes while burning the bushes, but they do not come out, nor are they seen.This could be hinting that they were planned to appear in this level
  • After Ann in captured (if you are quick enough) you can run back and the level will not end. When you head towards the wall the level ends.
  • Last Appearance of Spears/Bones