Arachno-Claw or Arachnocidis
Claws, Pinchers
Giant arachnid-like creatures
Skull Island
First Appearance
King Kong (2005 film)
Arachno-claws are large 4-6 foot long predatory, spider-like Insects that dwell at the bottom of the abyssal chasms, where light barely penetrates. Scavengers, they tend to lurk on the edges of the chasms, feeding on carrion. While they aren't above adding fresh meat to their diet, they also aren't aggressive about getting it, either. Arachno-claws lay their eggs in carrion and corpses, where they are usually eaten by other scavengers. Those devoured by a Carnictis will hatch in
the worm's intestine, feeding off of the worm's meals, until finally excreted as immature adults.

Role in the film Edit

When Jack, Jimmy and Carl kill all of Insectoid creatures (including the Weta- Rexes.) They encounter huge group of Arachno-Claws however the three were rescued by Captain Eagelhorn and other sailors. Arachno- Claws were ultimately killed when Bruce Baxter hung and swung on the rope firing Thompson machine gun ammo, killing the nightmarish creatures. When they were throwing venture crewman 3's body they accidently threw it to a large Deplector

Known VictimsEdit


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