KKgame Alternate ending

Kong roars as if saying farewell.

An Alternative Ending is available in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie after clearing the game and earning enough score points in the level replays.


At first, the level is played normally like the Empire State Building. You will be Kong, and you will climb to the top of the Empire State Building to fight the incoming planes. After bringing down enough planes, the floodlights will light up the building and make Kong more visible to the airplanes.

The Alternate Ending is then triggered by the arrival of Captain Englehorn and Jack in the Venture's Seaplane. You will switch to Jack piloting the seaplane and destroy the spotlights with infinite ammunition, and then destroy the planes and the emergency spotlights.

This distraction will allow for Kong to climb down the Empire State Building to safety. Then a cutscene will trigger where Kong has seemingly been returned to Skull Island, as Ann and Englehorn onboard the seaplane fly around Kong's lair as Kong roars as if saying farewell.


  • As the plane, if you fly too close to Kong he will mistake you for an enemy plane and attack you (but you can also attack Kong).
  • If Kong takes too much firepower from when the planes are attacking him, the level will end the same way as Kong's death (but you can still replay the Alternate Ending).

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