Agathaumus are the cousins of Triceratops.

  • In Kenny and the Lost World (released in March 2013), it is with the Dimetrodon, 3 Triceratops, Styracosaurus, Ferrucutus, Woolly Mammoth, Giant Cave Bear, Trachodon, Arsinotherium, and the two Foetodon chasing the crew to the log bridge, when Hayes crosses, Kong appears and sezies him, Kong snatches and crushes him as he is about to shoot Kong in the eye, but Kong throws him, watching him run into a rock wall, then Choy is killed. Kong later shakes them into the ravine as Little Kong gets boulders and knocks the creatures off their feet as a Vastatosaurus Rex grabs the female Foetodon, forcing the male to retreat.

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