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Abyscidis occisor, meaning "Killer Crab of the Abyss", is a species of crustacean that is found on Skull Island. The animal is described in the book "The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island" (2005).

Abyscidis were dog-sized crustaceans that lived in the shadow of the larger flesh eaters of the dark. Primarily scavengers, they were unparticular feeders, taking any organic matter they could scavenge, dead or dying. The chunky invertebrates clustered in loose colonies at the base of a pit or in deep caves. The nymphs, hatching in large numbers, used the rivers of organic slop to migrate around their dark domain, locating an unclaimed section of cave or chasm shoreline to mature in and establish a new colony.

A. occisor is a 1- 2 feet long smaller relative of the mighty Deplectors that clung to the walls of the Abyssal chasms 

Appearance in the film

When Jack Jimmy Carl kill the small bugs the Arachno-Claw  and abyscidises come and attack the crew but Captain Englehorn  and a few other crewmen kill all of them.

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