In the real worldEdit

The K.T. asteroid strikes the Earth, causing the extinction of 65% of all life, including the dinosaurs.

In the Kaiju Multiverse'sEdit

  • An asteriod hits the Earth, killing much of the planet's life. The population of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures is reduced, but many species do not surrender to extinction. Across the planet, many small populations of such species as plesiosaurs, pterosaurs (including pteranodons), and even some dinosaurs (including the ankylosaurus and a theropod species known as the "Godzillasaurus") continue to survive and breed.
  • The three-headed space monster Desghidorah arives on Earth and begins to absorb the life energy from the planet. The dominant race of the world, small humanoids called the Elias, attempt to fight back along side a race of giant insects called Mothras. Eventually, Desghidorah is defeated and sealed inside the Earth, but the Elias are left all but extinct, and only one Mothra remaines alive.
  • An alien spacecraft crashes into the sea, and the ship's crew, squid-like creatures called the Millenians, remain trapped within, unable to opperate the ship without light from the sun.

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