In the real worldEdit


Cretaceous Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs

The Earth is now in the Cretaceous period. Dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus and Iguanodon, and other prehistoric creatured like Pterosaurs rule the planet. The supercontinent of Pangaea has completed its tectonic plate breakup into present day continents.

In the Kaiju Multiverse'sEdit

The space monster King Ghidorah lands on Earth and begins to kill dinosaurs. Rainbow Mothra arives, having traveled back in time from the year 1998, to fight Ghidorah in a younger, weaker form. The two battle, and Leo eventually severs one on Ghidorah's tails, which digs its self into the ground. Leo eventually grabs the young King of Terror and drops it into an errupting volcano, killing it. Leo then lands on the ground, badly burned and seriously injured. However, three Primative Mothra Larve arive and cover Leo in silk to protect and preserve him through the ages.

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